Who Are We

Billy Janes

billy bio picI was born in the Bay Area and later moved to Los Angeles where I studied Traditional Chinese Medicine at Emperor’s College in Santa Monica. I fell in love with the medicine and the possibility that it could be accessible to many people of all incomes and backgrounds.

During an internship at Being Alive, a non-profit in West Hollywood caring for the HIV+ community, I found my calling to treat in the community setting. I LOVED it there! I found it so meaningful that after school I volunteered my time weekly treating patients there with other experienced acupuncturists. I also found great joy treating patients with a wide range of symptoms at a non-profit community acupuncture clinic in Los Angeles.

In my spare time, I enjoy reading about herbal medicine, African healing traditions, Jungian psychology, exploring the city with my family, taking naps, spending time with friends playing board games and visiting museums.

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A. Raymond Johnson

Raymond headshot (3)A. Raymond Johnson is a shiatsu therapist, writer, and music producer living in western North Carolina.

Raised near Atlanta, he left at 18 to get a bachelor’s degree in environmental science at Northwestern University and decided to stay in Chicago working as a legal assistant at Lambda Legal. For 10 years he juggled day jobs, DJ/sound engineer, freelance writing & blogging, and getting an MFA in Creative Writing from Antioch University Los Angeles.

He served three years on the Advisory Council of Zen Buddhist Temple Chicago and after living in the temple for 8 months, decided to change careers and enrolled at Zen Shiatsu Chicago. Upon graduation he moved with his wife and dog to the mountains near Asheville, NC. Since opening his private practice, Mountain Zen Shiatsu, in 2013, his work with clients focuses on anxiety, depression, chronic pain, insomnia, emotional stress & PTSD.

Raymond is senior producer of the weekly radio show Sex Out Loud with Tristan Taormino, which has aired over 300 episodes since premiering in 2012. He also hosts and produces the podcast Healing with Raymond & Billy. He’s released four albums of instrumental pop electronic-based music under the name Purple Fluorite.