Episode Seven: Urgency & the Abyss

The Bladder meridian: The Feelings of Urgency and the Power of Gazing Into the Abyss.

Hi folks, we’re back from winter break! We took time off that got a little extended – you may have heard about this global pandemic?! The conversation was recorded last fall, so there will be no mentions of current events. This episode begins our descent into the unconscious and Water element: we talk about the (Urinary) Bladder and how it relates to fluids in the body, our body’s sense of urgency and safety, fears, healing trauma, the power of storytelling, and peering into the abyss. ¬†We talk about how shiatsu therapists work the meridian versus how acupuncturist needle it, and how developing a touch sensitivity is both a practice and medicine available to everyone.

Music by Purple Fluorite (Bandcamp // or all the streaming platforms)

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